F. A. Q.
  • Is it safe? Yes, our warehouse is safe. We have a security alarm system and an insurance policy that covers damages and roberies.
  • Is the warehouse in good storage conditions? Yes, we keep our warehouse in ideal conditions through our fumigation program.  
  • Can I store anything? Yes, but perishable food items, toxic items, flammables substances, unhealthy dangerous substances, any object that emits sonic waves and in general any item that is considered dangerous...
  • Which is the minimum contract period? 3 months.
  • Which is the minimum contract volume? 1 m³.
  • Do you have any kind of box in which I can store my personal items? Yes, we have boxes of 1 m³ in which you can keep all you need (up to 300 Kg/box) and lock it with a key that you will only have:

  • How can I ask for a free estimate? Contact us by phone, e-mail, fax, skype or our internal web messaging system and we will arrange  an appointment in order to issue the estimate
  • How can I move all to the Furniture Repository? We will pack it ourselves and take it to the Furniture Repository.